EURO Awards and prizes

EURO Gold Medal (EGM 2019)

The EURO Gold Medal (EGM) is the highest distinction within OR in Europe. The award is conferred on a prominent person or team or institution, for an outstanding contribution to the OR science. The award will be officially bestowed at the opening session.


Members of the 2019 Jury:

  • M. Grazia Speranza (Italy) - chair

  • Marielle Christiansen (Norway)

  • Mathias Ehrgott (UK)

  • Rob van der Mei (Netherlands)

  • Jan Węglarz (Poland)


EURO Distinguished Service Medal Award (EDSM 2019)

The EURO Distinguished Service Medal is awarded for recognition of distinguished service to the Association of European OR Societies (EURO) and to the profession of OR. The award will be officially presented at the opening session.


Members of the 2019 Jury:

  • Roman Słowiński (Poland) - chair

  • Pascale Zaraté (France)

  • Lidija Zadnik-Stirn (Slovenia)

  • Rommert Dekker (Netherlands)

  • Antonio Frangioni (Italy)


EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award (EDDA 2019)

The purpose of the EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award is to distinguish an outstanding doctoral dissertation in Operational Research, defended in the countries having an OR society that is a member of EURO. Three finalists will present their work at a special session during the conference (Session Tuesday, June 25: TC 12:30-14:00, EDDA).


2019 Finalists:

  • Martina Fischetti: Mathematical Programming Models and Algorithms for Offshore Wind Park Design

  • Elisabeth Rodriguez-Heck: Linear and quadratic reformulations of nonlinear optimization problems in binary variables

  • Mathias Sirvent: Incorporating Differential Equations into Mixed-Integer Programming for Gas Transport Optimization


The award will be presented to the winner at the closing session.


Members of the 2019 Jury:

  • Bernardo Almada-Lobo (Portugal) - chair

  • Hande Yaman (Turkey)

  • Yves Crama (Belgium)

  • Mikhail Y. Kovalyov (Belarus)

  • Ivana Ljubic (France)


EURO Excellence in Practice Award (EEPA 2019)


The EURO Excellence in Practice award is for the best submission and presentation describing an application of Operational Research in practice. This year there are six finalists will who will present their work during special sessions during the conference (Session Tuesday, June 25: TA 08:30-10:00 EEPA 1 / TB 10:30-12:00, EEPA 2).


2019 Finalists:

  • José Correa, Rafael Epstein, Juan Escobar, Ignacio Rios, Bastián Bahamondes, Carlos Bonet, Natalie Epstein, Nicolás Aramayo, Martin Castillo, Andres Cristi, Boris Epstein: School Choice in Chile

  • Rajeev Namboothiri, Srinivas Bollapragada, Babu Narayanan, Guillaume Camard, Ahmed Khattab: Optimal Scheduling of Field Resources for Power Plant Outages

  • Tugce Martagan, Yesim Koca, Ivo Adan, Bram van Ravenstein, Marc Baaijens, Oscar Repping: Operations Research Improves Biomanufacturing Efficiency at Merck Sharp & Dohme

  • Christian Weckenborg, Karsten Kieckhäfer, Thomas S. Spengler, Patricia Bernstein: The Volkswagen Pre-Production Center Applies OR to Optimize Capacity Scheduling

  • Janis S. Neufeld, Kirsten Hoffmann, Martin Scheffler, Felix Tamke, Udo Buscher: An Efficient Hybrid Column Generation Approach for Practical Railway Crew Scheduling with Attendance Rates

  • Warren Hare and Yves Lucet: Towards Optimal Alignment Design for Road Construction – Using Optimization to Design Safe Roads at Minimal Cost . 


The award will be presented to the winner(s) at the closing session.


Members of the 2019 Jury:

  • Erik Demeulemeester (Belgium) - chair

  • John Poppelaars (The Netherlands)

  • Ruth Kaufman (UK)

  • Sanne Wøhlk (Denmark)

  • Jakub Mareček (Ireland)


EURO Award for the Best EJOR Paper (EABEP 2019)


EURO has three annual awards available for papers published by EJOR: best survey paper; best application paper; and best theory/methodology paper. Winners for each category have been selected by a jury and these awards will be presented at the closing session.


Members of the 2019 Jury:

  • Ana Barbosa-Povoa (Portugal) - chair

  • Stavros Zenios (Cyprus)

  • Markus Leitner (Austria)

  • Ruud Teunter (Netherlands)

  • Elina Rönnberg (Sweden)




Thanks to the success of the previous challenges, the French Operational Research (OR) and Decision Support Society (ROADEF) organizes exceptionally jointly with the European Operational Research Society (EURO) the ROADEF/EURO challenge 2018 dedicated to cutting optimization problem in collaboration with Saint-Gobain. The goal of this challenge is to propose an algorithm reducing as much as possible the glass losses of the cutting process. The finalists will present their work at a special session during the conference (Session Monday, June 24: MC 12:30-14:00 EURO/ROADEF challenge). The scientific prize will be delivered at the closing session of the conference.