Frequently Asked Questions

About Registration

What type of delegate am I? Student/Retired or regular? 

If you are currently enrolled as a student in any institution doing an undergraduate, Master or Ph.D. degree, you qualify as a student, for which you will have to upload an official proof. Retired attendees also have to upload a documental proof. Otherwise, you are a regular attendant. Note that the organization is subject to strict auditing and hence the need for official documents.

Abstract acceptance and VISA invitation letters are available by email request to

I come from a low income country. Can my registration fee be waived please?

As the local organizers for EURO 2019 have a very small budget, unfortunately no registration fee can be waived. There will however be special rates applicable for participates from low income countries. Please see below list to check if the country your institution is in is considered a low/middle income counrty. If yes, you might avail of reduced fees. Please email the conference secretariat with the official confirmation that your abstract has been accepted for presentation to  

I want to claim the VAT back on my registration fees

Registration fees are exempt of VAT so no VAT can be claimed as no VAT was charged.


I have some wishes for dates of my presentation.

We cannot fulfil wishes for dates, since this would lead to a very fragmented program. Two speakers in the same session may have contradicting wishes, leading to splitting of sessions and streams. In special circumstances, you can try to contact the stream organizer, and ask him/her to schedule your session early/late in the stream. This can often solve the problem, since the streams are scheduled as a block. Stream chairs contract details can be found here

When is my talk scheduled?

It takes quite some time to schedule a program with over 2500 talks. The program will be available not later than one month before the conference. Until then, we cannot answer questions about when talks are scheduled since we do not have the information.

I need to add or remove a co-author

You can still update your abstract by logging in to the submission system. The title of your submitted abstract should appear at the bottom of the page. Click on it, and on the following page, there is an option to add/remove co-authors.

What does the EURO 2019 publish?
The electronic proceedings contain all the abstracts accepted for the conference that correspond to registered authors.

Does the conference have an index in SCOPUS?

Our conference is not a "publication" that is cited in Scopus. However, we will have a full abstract booklet (of small abstracts) and Special Issues in good journals are in consideration. As we are at a rather early stage of the conference planning, further information can only be given closer to the meeting.


I and my colleagues want to submit one paper where we are all co-authors of this one paper. Of course, we will all register and we will all attend the conference. Will each of us get a proof of presenting the paper or the presenting proof will get only the presenter?

If each of the co-authors register to the conference, such a document of being co-author of the paper could be made; the standard text of attendance / presentation could be slightly modified.

How many abstracts can I submit?

One registration allows for one presentation at the conference. No more than one presentation per registration is allowed.


When will I receive notice if my abstract was accepted?

Abstract acceptances will be sent out mid March.

I have problems to submit my extended abstract with 1500 characters with the contributed abstract submission form which should be used by authors that were not invited. When using this form, I cannot enter more than around 220 characters of my abstract. The number of characters I can enter always varies between around 219 and 223. How can I fix this?

Please check if you might have mistaken letters (characters) and actual words. 

I sent my abstract to the wrong stream PC member. What do I have to do?

Please inform the stream chair to whom you sent the abstract about the mistake and contact the right stream PC member, too. The stream chairs can be found here

My abstract has been accepted for presentation but I need an official document/acceptance letter to apply for funding. Where do I get this from?

You can generate and download an acceptance letter in the submission portal:

If you are co-authoring a paper, please contact the first author to get a copy of the letter. The letter contains the name of all authors.

When should I submit my full paper?

The conference only accepts abstracts, so no full paper needs to be submitted. However, there will be one or more special issues of a journal devoted to the EURO conference. The special issues will have a specific theme and only space for 20-30 papers, so not all delegates can expect to have their full paper published.


Organizing Sessions and Schedule Questions

Can I organize a stream about "xxx" in the conference and invite some researchers, students and etc. to submit their papers to this conference?

You are cordially welcome to collaborate with us for the EURO 2019. However, Streams have already been identified. For organizing a session, please select the stream areas as published under or the Streams (hosting Sessions) as published at (after log-in to the system).


I am a session organizer. Can I apply for funds to cover my travel expenses?

Unfortunately, the local organizers of EURO 2019 do have a very small budget for fee reduction only which is reserved for participants from developing or “weak-currency” countries. Regretfully, participants have to make a "full" registration. Please check our website for various types of accommodation.


When will the detailed schedule be available?
You can find a programme at a glance on the conference website.  A detailed schedule will be published closer to the conference.


I submitted an abstract in the call for papers process. When will I be notified if I was chosen to speak?
Our scientific committee will contact you to advise whether your abstract has been accepted or not, in any case, not later than 15th of March, 2019.

I am a speaker: do I register myself for the EURO 2018 Conference?
Yes. Registration is required for all participants and exhibitors. Each registered participant can present a maximum of one contribution. Registered participants and exhibitors will receive a badge giving them access to the conference venue as well as the Conference materials. Participants and exhibitors are requested to wear their badge visible at all times. To register, you can choose between the different prices according to your case, please click here.

Are there any special issues planned?
Special Issues in good journals are in consideration. However, we are still at a rather early stage and cannot give any further information on this at the moment.

How much time do I have for my presentation?
Regular sessions include 4 talks in 90 minute slots. Therefore, speakers should strictly adhere to no more than 20-minute presentations, allowing for 2-3 minutes for questions and discussion and speaker switching.

Hotels and Travel

How to reach from the airport to the city centre?
Dublin Airport is 19.1 km from UCD. The Air Coach provides a 24 hour coach service from Dublin Airport to UCD/Stillorgan Road. A single ticket is €10 and €16 return (cheaper fares might be available when booking online). The Airlink routes 747 and 757 service the city centre regularly. Taxis are available outside the arrival hall at Dublin Airport. The cost of a taxi is approx. €30 - €40 to UCD. Further information on travel to UCD can be found here.

How do I get an international visa invitation letter?
Delegates requiring a Visa letter can contact the conference secretariat at providing the following information: Nationality, Passport number, Passport expiry date, Date of birth. Please note that visa letters will only be provided for delegates who have paid for their registration in full.

Should I wait to book hotel and airline reservations in case prices come down?
We recommend to book accommodation within the registration process. Information about accommodation options can be found on the conference website, tab venue/accommodation. Flights should also better be booked early enough to ensure a reasonable price.


General Info

When does EURO 2019 occur?

We have the great pleasure of inviting you to take part in the 30th EURO Conference to be held in Dublin, Ireland on 23-26 June 2019.


Where does EURO 2019 take place?

The conference takes place in the south of Dublin (Belfield) in the University College Dublin (UCD).


What languages are spoken?

Nearly every language is spoken at the conference — we have attendees from more than 200 countries. However, all event communications and signage are in English.