Plenary Speakers

Ulrike Reisach

Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Reisach  is full time  professor and Commissioner for International Affairs at Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences in Bavaria/Germany. As a member of the Information Management Department, she is active in the fields of Business Science, Social Science and Operational Research, combined with AI and Ethics. Her current projects focus on societal, institutional, cultural and ethical comparisons of science and (technical) innovation approaches.


For 20 years, she has held management positions in international relations and international  strategy development, such as Director Corporate Communication and Government Affairs and Director Market Intelligence, Strategy and Trends for the Siemens HQ. Based on her experience in many projects in Asia and in the USA, she has published 12 books and numerous scientific articles on international management. As an expert on (digital) innovation and internationalization strategies, and corporate foresight/global trends, she is engaged in think tanks, research projects and working groups. Prof. Reisach is e.g. member of the Munich Circle for Digital Transformation, and the China Expert Group at the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the Chinese-German Innovation Dialogue and Platform.

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Title of talk: “Artificial Intelligence – How Ethics and Governance Could Contain the Manipulation of Societies” Read more about her talk

William Cook - IFORS Distinguished Lecturer

Johns Hopkins University

William Cook is a Professor in Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Johns Hopkins University and a University Professor in Combinatorics and Optimization at the University of Waterloo, where he received his Ph.D. in 1983.​

Bill was elected a SIAM Fellow in 2009, an INFORMS Fellow in 2010, a member of the National Academy of Engineering in 2011, and an American Mathematics Society Fellow in 2012.  He is the author of the popular book In Pursuit of the Traveling Salesman: Mathematics at the Limits of Computation. Bill is a former Editor-in-Chief of the journals Mathematical Programming (Series A and B) and Mathematical Programming Computation. He is a past chair or the Mathematical Optimization Society and a past chair of the INFORMS Computing Society.

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Title of talk: "The Traveling Salesman Problem: postcards from the edge of impossibility" Read more about his talk

Dick den Hertog

Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Dick den Hertog is professor of Operations Research at Tilburg University and scientific director of the Data Science Center Tilburg. His research interests cover various fields in prescriptive analytics, in particular linear and nonlinear optimization. In recent years his main focus has been on robust optimization. He is also active in applying the theory in real-life applications. In particular, he is interested in applications that contribute to a better society. For many years he has been involved in research for optimal flood protection, which was awarded by the INFORMS Franz Edelman Award in 2013. Currently, he is doing research to develop better optimization models and techniques for cancer treatment, and he is involved in research to optimize the food supply chain for the World Food Programme.  He is chairman of the Dutch Network on the Mathematics Operations Research, and associate editor of three journals (Management Science, Operations Research, and INFORMS Journal on Optimization).

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Title of talk: "What every OR practitioner should know about Robust Optimization" Read more about his talk