Practical information for speakers and chairs

Guidelines for speakers

Sessions normally last for 90 minutes and include 4 talks. Therefore, in order to allow time for questions, all speakers are kindly requested to prepare their presentations to last 20 minutes, even if their session includes less than 4 speakers. As a speaker, you should arrive at the room where your session is to take place at least 10 minutes before it is scheduled. Once there, contact the chair so you have time to set up your presentation on the room-computer, to which presentations should be copied from your own USB stick. Closer to the event , Speakers will be able to find the location of their session via the mobile app and there will be a complete official programme, available on the website in PDF format.

Guidelines for session chairs

Session chairs must ensure that their sessions start and end on time and that presentations are made in the order shown in the official programme. If a speaker does not show up, please keep to the original schedule, in order to facilitate session jumping. If the session chair is absent, the first speaker in the session will replace him/her. Check that all presentations are correctly set up on the computer before the beginning of the session. Let speakers know when they are nearing the end of their presentation time (5 minutes and 1 minute).